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Too many children have problems with handwriting: alliance supports the promotion of handwriting

Recent surveys by the Schreibmotorik Institut have shown that most parents and teachers consider handwriting to be important, even in this digital age. However, an alarming number of children have problems with handwriting. The “Handwriting 2020” campaign aims to improve this situation. There is to be an extensive programme to this end.

More information on the Handwriting 2020 campaign

State Secretary Stefan Müller pledges political support

Staatssekretär Stefan Müller zu Gast im Schreibmotorik InstitutThe “Handwriting 2020” campaign for the promotion of writing motor skills gets political backing: “We want to do everything we can to support this important initiative”, said Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Education and Research Stefan Müller during his visit to the Schreibmotorik Institut, Heroldsberg, one of the founders of the Handwriting campaign.



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Project for secondary schools

Study: STEP 2019

About development, problems
and interventions on the topic
of handwriting

HS Tutorials – Promoting
writing skills

European research project
with practical modules


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Special event about
"Handwriting in the context
of digitalization"

Scribble Mentors

Scribble mentors introduce
preschool children to writing
in a fun way.

Facts & Tips

Interesting facts about
handwriting & motor skills


 ELMO-Dokumentenkameria im Einsatz, ELMO    

ELMO: promoting writing

Better results with the correct
sitting posture and pen hold



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