We explore writing by hand

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The Schreibmotorik Instiut researches which factors support or inhibit learning to write by hand.

Therefore we carry out publicly funded research projects, national and international cooperation projects and independent projects.

Based on scientific findings on motor skill learning and human capacity requirements as well as decades-long practical experiences on methodological and didactic concepts of written language acquisition we offer new approaches to a developmentally sensible acquisition of handwriting. The essential basics and skills for learning competence and education are created by especially fostering the writing motor skill process.

The research at the Schreibmotorik Institut includes the following tasks:

  • Project work / field trials with different target groups (children, educators, parents among others)
  • Multidisciplinary work with cooperation partners (universities, institutes for scientific research and educational institutes)
  • Ministration of a data base for literature concerning learning to write and handwriting
  • Stimulation of discussions on the current research results and need for research as well as linking scientists and practitioners with the help of the International Symposium on Handwriting Skills.

You would like further information? Please contact one of our team.

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