Living as a left-hander in a world that is designed for right-handers can be a bit hard sometimes. The International Left Handers Day, celebrated each year on August 13 raises awareness. Here are some facts and advice for parents, educators and teachers.


Photo: Dr. Johanna Barbara SattlerWrite differently, think differently – facts about left-handedness

The number of left-handers in the population is increasing. Left-handers are confronted with a number of practical problems in everyday life. Yet the left hand is just as good as the right one.



Thommy Weiss  / pixelio.deLearning to write – I can do it with my left hand! Advice for left-handed children

Left-handed children can write just as quickly, automatically and legibly as their right-handed counterparts – if the overall conditions are right.

Foto: Thommy Weiss  / pixelio.de

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