About us

The Schreibmotorik Institut is the leading research institute in Europe on the subject of handwriting and writing motor skills.

It was established in 2012 and promotes the transfer of scientific knowledge into pedagogical practice, advises educational organizations, facilitates accessibility of current issues relating writing motor skills to the public, offers praxis-oriented seminars for various target groups and develops exclusive teaching and learning materials. It also links handwriting progress in different educational phases with didactive, social, professional and health topics.

Together with our national and European partners, the Schreibmotorik Institut researches stages in the process of handwriting development, beginning in kindergarten and continuing throughout elementary school, secondary school and professional life.

Our interdisciplinary team combines exceptional competence and expertise in the areas of writing motor skills, ergonomics, pedagogic, psychology, sociology, neurology, occupational therapy, medicine and engineering.

Statutes of the Schreibmotorik Institut e.V.

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