Background information, definitions and recommendations about handwriting and learning to write.

PixabayHandwriting in the context of digitalisation

The future is digital. It needs an educational model that puts handwriting in a useful digital context.

Photo: Dr. Johanna Barbara SattlerWrite differently, think differently – facts about left-handedness

The number of left-handers in the population is increasing. Left-handers are confronted with a number of practical problems in everyday life. Yet the left hand is just as good as the right one.

PixabaySome terms explained: writing motor skills and graphomotor skills

Both terms refer to the processes that are needed to put graphic characters to paper by hand. But what does “writing motor skills” mean? How is it different to the more common term “graphomotor skills”?

Foto: StabiloPlayful motor skills writing courses: fun while writing, fun while learning

Successfully learning to write is the foundation for school success. Educators and parents can create the necessary preconditions for this success by training and supporting children’s motor skills in a playful learning environment.

Thommy Weiss  / pixelio.deLearning to write – I can do it with my left hand! Advice for left-handed children

Left-handed children can write just as quickly, automatically and legibly as their right-handed counterparts – if the overall conditions are right.

Foto: Thommy Weiss  / pixelio.de

Foto Schreibmotorik InstitutChildren and teachers in need: problems with writing motor skills are on the increase.

Many children have problems developing legible, fluid handwriting over the course of their literacy lessons in primary school, as is required as part of the nationally applicable German educational standards.

Schrift 1. KlasseLearning to write: what’s in the way?

Accurate, endless repetition of a particular letter form is not particularly helpful when learning to write. When learning motor skills, there should be a much greater focus on a varied approach to discovering and experiencing individual solutions. Children should be able to try out new approaches in order to achieve their own good handwriting.

schreibbild1 teaserLearning to write is learning to move

Learning to write – like learning to walk or ride a bike – should be regarded as movement learning. Only when the hand moves smoothly and automatically it can produce fluid writing. This leaves more time to concentrate on other things, such as the content of what is being written.


Foto: StabiloLearning to write: what can help?

When writing difficulties occur, everyone’s immediate focus is on choosing the most favourable lettering. This is just one aspect of learning to write, however. The correct path from children drawing their first letters to automated handwriting is much more important.

PixabayWhat is good handwriting?

Good handwriting is legible, fluent and efficient. But what does that actually mean?


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