Current Scientific projects



Finalized Scientific Projects

INFLUENCING FACTORS of the pencil grip AND THEIR IMPACT ON THE WRITING PROCESS. Basis for diagnosis, indications for therapy and differentiated selection of evidence-based therapeutic interventions (MASTER’S thesis)

Erasmus+ Project

Handwritingtutorials: Practical modules for promoting writing skills in schools

STEP 2019 – Study About development, problems and interventions on the topic of handwriting

Validation and evaluation of the SMI KompetenzSpinne (i.e. SMI CompetenceWeb) of the Schreibmotorik Institut e.V.

Survey: How frequently does a child write its name before starting school?

National Survey on problems with writing motor skills and handwriting

National Survey on the importance of handwriting

Development of the SMI KompetenzSpinne (i.e. SMI CompetenceWeb) as a pedagogical instrument for diagnosis and observation of handwriting skills of children starting to write

Evaluation of the Writing Explorer’s Box: a new learning to write method to improve the writing motor skills of primary school children

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