Scientific Methods

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Among our scientific methods are:

Kinematical writing analysis: WritingCoach®

The programme WritingCoach® records writing movements with the aid of a graphic tablet. It registers a normal writing sample, simple letters as well as elementary movements (curls, shadings based on movements of the wrist) in just five minutes of test measurements. The following evaluation of writing frequency, grade of automation and writing pressure among others allows to measure and judge the individual level of motor skills while learning to write in a differentiated, objective and quantitative way. The WritingCoach® is based on CSWin, a practically approved (including education and therapy) computer-aided analysis programme. The portable systems are appointed in field tests. It is possible to perceive the actual existing movement skills from the results. Through repeated measurements it is also possible to evaluate and document the success of writing trainings or achieving pedagogical or even therapeutic goals. Specific and individualized training programmes can also be deduced from the results.

Analysis of images and videos

The analysis of images and videos is an elaborate method for a differentiated measurement and judgement of body and seating posture while writing by hand. It is possible to draw one's conclusions about possible efforts from facial expressions and mouth movements. Furthermore users can observe themselves in order to correct an unconsciously false posture. The documentation by means of analysis of images and videos also supports the clarification of special situations between subjects and examiners.

Questionnaire and interview

The Schreibmotorik Institut uses standardized questionnaires as well as questionnaires of its own devising. That's how it gathers relevant data of different target groups (children, educators, parents et al.) with open and polar questions. Those, for example, are used for the assessment and compilation of acceptance of innovative material and products as well as for the categorisation of test groups.

Evaluation by experts

The Schreibmotorik Institut experts are capable of simulating and anticipating the behaviour of users even with simple prototypes. That's how it is possible to give first suggestions for improvements. The sooner the developmental state of a certain product, the better for simple and economic changes. End-users often simply don't have the imagination to put premature features aside. It is recommended to have an evaluation by experts followed by an evaluation by users.

Evaluation by users

Representative users out of the planned target group (for example age group, sex, occupational group) perform chosen typical tasks. The dealings with the evaluation material and products are observed In the process. The above mentioned measurement tools produce quantitative and qualitative data.


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