Promoting writing ergonomics with ELMO document cameras

ELMO shows how it works: better results with the correct sitting posture and pen hold

ELMO-Dokumentenkamera, ELMOIn the context of education and learning, handwriting remains just as important as ever. Increasing digitalisation provides opportunities for combining motor learning with modern technology sensibly and at the right time. ELMO document cameras record sitting posture, pen hold and arm movements while writing. They thereby support the development of handwriting in primary school with practical exercises for the classroom. These are incorporated in four repeating phases: observe – recognise – change – remember.

Observe – children observe their classmates’ sitting posture and pen hold.
Recognise – children consciously recognise their own sitting posture and pen hold.
Change – children discover potential areas of improvement and modify them using relaxation exercises.
Remember – children integrate the memory of the correct sitting posture and pen hold into their everyday activities.

ELMO-Dokumentenkamera im Einsatz, ELMO

An ergonomically advantageous sitting posture and pen hold provide the foundation for longer, complaint-free handwriting. Both are important for quick, fluid movements that do not tire out the hand. Therefore, the correct posture not only leads to a comfortable writing experience, but also to legible handwriting.

ELMO Germany: “Handwriting 2020” campaign



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