Project for secondary schools

Foto: StabiloThe Schreibmotorik Institut is providing free teaching material to secondary school teachers. Pupils and parents should be made aware of the importance of handwriting, even in the digital age.

Secondary school classes across the country who wish to read about and discuss the importance of handwriting in the classroom in an age of digitalisation can take part in the project day. Participation is free of charge.

During the project day pupils can actively engage in handwriting. Learners will be encouraged to discuss and think critically with regard to their own actions, which is particularly important in an era of social media and fake news. Digital learning and promotion of writing motor skills are not mutually exclusive.

Good handwriting has a positive effect on learning as a whole. Those who do not have to constantly concentrate on the writing process itself have a clear mind for the content of what they are writing. Scientific studies prove that handwritten notes play a crucial role in memorising factual knowledge and in understanding textual meaning – not only in children but also in young adults.

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