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About development, problems and interventions on the topic of handwriting


Along with the VBE Verband Bildung und Erziehung and its 16 national associations, the Schreibmotorik Institut is conducting a national online survey among teachers of all types of schools. The aim is to gain new insights into handwriting acquisition and the influence of the use of digital devices as well as the duality of both methods in teaching.

Handwriting in the digital age is currently a frequent topic of discussion. The STEP study is a unique national survey that scientifically deals with this. It ties in with the 2015 teacher survey, which found that the majority of pupils have handwriting difficulties. It concerns equal educational opportunities for all children, especially for children from low-educational backgrounds.

The extent and cause of the problems with handwriting, as well as possibilities for action in dealing with them have not yet been reliably investigated: Which problems are pupils and teachers facing today? What are the reasons for handwriting problems? In practice, what are the solutions?

For the first time, the results of the STEP study will allow qualified statements to be made on the development of handwriting in German schools. The study has been in progress since September 2018. The plan is for the study to be regularly carried out after the first results are gathered in 2019.



Press release: More time for handwriting! (PDF)

ONLIY IN GERMAN: Detailed results of the STEP 2019 survey (PDF)


More Information

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