Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer at didacta 201524-28 February 2015

Various Lectures at didacta – Trade Fair for Education and Training

The Schreibmotorik Institut team together with employees of the chair of teaching methodology German for primary education at Saarland University held various lectures on various topics around learning to write at STABILO International's fair stand.

Lecture at didacta 2015The approximately 10-minute lectures took place in hourly turns. Afterwards the audience could try the various exercise examples revered to in the lectures at the fair stand.

The lecture by institute director Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer titled “Learning to write: much more than perfect letters” dealt with the differently distinct skills of writing novices. Based on examples of different writing types she demonstrated what makes up good writing and how important motor skills are in order to learn a fluent, quick and fatigue free handwriting.

Hands-on ways leading to good handwriting

Writing excercises, didacta 2015 Monica King, authorised trainer for Germany presented in her lecture “The basics of the Lettering Pioneer's Box: Practical teaching materials for daycare centres / pre-school. From doodling to writing” suitable workout possibilities for children attending kindergarten. She pointed out how the way to successful and motivated writing could look like by means of supporting motor skill basics. Learning to write is learning to move, that's why one should reach the corresponding form of a specific letter by means of the right motor skills rather than by means of simple and repeated letter copying.

Karin Krieg, 2nd executive director presented the constitutive elements of the Writing Explorer's Box, a new learning to write method for 1st and 2nd grade developed by the Schreibmotorik Institut. She vividly illustrated how the Writing Explorer's Box helps to develop skills and how it supports the transition to automated writing.

The evaluation of the Writing Explorer's Box is taking place as a cooperation between the Schreibmotorik Institut with Saarland University. Employees of the chair of teaching methodology German for primary education reported about first practical experiences with the Writing Explorer's Box in classrooms. Based on this evaluation the Schreibmotorik Institut and Saarland University will deduce guidances for science and practical experience.


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