Praxisbuch Schreibmotorikwriting motor skills practice book (1st an 2nd grade) – writing made easy

The writing motor skills practice book – writing made easy for school years 1 and 2 (formerly the Writing Explorer’s Box) focuses primarily on motor skills. The Schreibmotorik Institut has certified the writing motor skills practice book.


Schreibmotorikbuch SeitenLearning to write is learning to move. A fluent script can only emerge if the hand moves smoothly and automatically. That's how one has more time to concentrate on other things, above all on the content of the written words. Scientific findings show that present concepts for learning to write neglect the automation of the movement. Many pupils write too slowly, cramped and with too much control.


The learning to write method of the writing motor skills practice book (school years 1 and 2) puts motor skills first. Based on manifold exercises children should develop automated movement skills. The success in motorical learning doesn't result in copying of given letter shapes. Instead it results in exploring and experiencing individual approaches to solution. Therefore it is important to foster and keep children's motivation to write alive, to create them writing explorers.


The STABILO Education practice book for the first and second years of school includes motivating exercises for training writing motor skills. The students can easily complete the lesson with creative and interactive exercises without the need for a spelling book. All the contents observe the educational standards and focus on the transition from learning how to write to writing automatically. In addition to a number of templates, this book contains information and tips on the correct way to hold a pen, sitting posture and left-handedness.

Praxisbuch Schreibmotorik


The exercises in the practice book have been scientifically evaluated by the Schreibmotorik Institut in a first-year German class. The targeted and regular motor exercises in the “writing motor skills for first and second years” practice book positively influenced the development of writing motor skills.


Schreibmotorik Institut ZertifizierungThe writing motor skills practice book – writing made easy for school years 1 and 2 facilitates the acquisition of basic writing motor skills and supports the transition to automated writing. It fulfils the didactic, motoric and ergonomic demands which are tested by the Schreibmotorik Institut within its certification programme. The emphasis is on supporting the learning to write process and preventing cramp, poor posture and excessive strain when writing.


STABILO-Shop: Writing motor skills practice book (1st and 2nd grade)

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