Praxisbuch Schreibmotorik (Vorschule) - Vorbereitung auf das SchreibenlernenWriting motor skills practice book (preschool) – preparing to learn how to write

Developing writing and motor skills – getting the basics right. The writing motor skills practice book – preparing to learn how to write (formerly the Lettering Pioneer’s Box) helps children to develop in a targeted and playful manner. The Schreibmotorik Institut has certified the writing motor skills practice book.


Praxisbuch Schreibmotorik (Vorschule) - Vorbereitung auf das SchreibenlernenTrapped and invented letters in the world of writing and the letter laboratory, finger exercises in a movement course or writing with all senses in the writing workshop: all those playful exercises are part of the STABILO Lettering Pioneer's Box box. But it's not the letters which play the main part. It is rather about basic motor skills, which are needed later on when children really learn how to write. The Lettering Pioneer's Box material offers valuable assistance on this. That's how children like to be guided on their individual way to efficient motor skills.


The path into the world of signs and letters starts in kindergarten. The playful involvement with reading and writing is something magical for most children. A good start is important and the first day at school is no start from scratch – children of the same age already differ from each other in their writing and language development. Pre-school experiences are crucial for a successful start in school life.


The writing motor skills exercises in the STABILO Education practice book for preschool can create the first point of contact with the world of writing in a playful way. All contents focus on the education and development programme and help develop important school-relevant skills. The exercises are based on playful learning experiences and integrate tried-and-tested concepts for language training in kindergarten. In addition to a number of craft ideas, this book contains information and tips on the correct way to hold a pen, sitting posture and left-handedness.

Praxisbuch Schreibmotorik (Vorschule) - Vorbereitung auf das Schreibenlernen


The writing motor skills practice book - preparing to learn how to write was developed in cooperation with the Schreibmotorik Institut's scientific experts. “Curiosity, fun and creativity are as important as the systematic development of motor skills. This writing box takes children along on an exciting journey into the world of writing”, says Karl Söhl, seminar head and scientific advisor for methodological and didactic concepts of written language acquisition at the Schreibmotorik Institut.


Schreibmotorik Institut ZertifizierungThe writing motor skills practice book – preparing to learn how to write facilitates the acquisition of basic writing motor skills and supports the transition to automated writing. It fulfils the didactic, motoric and ergonomic demands which are tested by the Schreibmotorik Institut within its certification programme. The emphasis is on supporting the learning to write process and preventing cramp, poor posture and excessive strain when writing.


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