Magazine “Grundschule Deutsch”September 2015

Practical teaching ideas from the Schreibmotorik Institut in the magazine “Grundschule Deutsch”

Karl Söhl, Dr Christian Marquardt and Dr Ing. Marianela Diaz Meyer have composed a practice-based article for the magazine “Grundschule Deutsch”, with concrete teaching suggestions and worksheets for teaching handwriting in the first and second years of primary school.

Kinder, Copyright: Stabilo

For most children, writing their first word is a source of pride – no matter what it looks like. The traditional primary school learning model places value on keeping exactly to the prescribed shape. It is, however, more important to encourage differently trained motor skills in primary school pupils, e.g. with playful exercises, to increase writing speed.

The article “Schreibtraining für Schüler: Kinder üben das lockere, schnelle Schreiben” [Writing training for pupils: children practise relaxed, quick writing] presents creative exercises that tie in with children’s everyday activities, train motor skills and bring fun and variation into handwriting classes.

The magazine “Grundschule Deutsch”, published by the Friedrich Verlag, provides primary school teachers with basic information and teaching ideas for German lessons. The magazine is published every three months and contains a comprehensive package of materials on a CD-ROM with worksheets that can be used in lessons.

The “Grundschule Deutsch” magazine, issue 47/2015

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