NOT Messe Niederlande: Der SchreibCoach im Einsatz27-31 January 2015

The Schreibmotorik Institut at the Fair "NOT" in the Netherlands

The Schreibmotorik Institut was represented at the national fair for teaching material NOT in Utrecht, Netherlands by the authorised trainer Henk Schweitzer.

NOT Messe Niederlande: Die Schriftentdecker-Box im Einsatz

How can learning to write be the biggest fun? With practical and playful exercises. The authorised trainer Henk Schweitzer presented such exercises from the Lettering Pioneer's Box which has been developed by the Schreibmotorik Institut on behalf of STABILO at the STABILO Netherlands fair stand. Of course it was possible for all those interested to try the exercises themselves and to convince themselves of the manifold application possibilities of the box. The same was true for the WritingCoach®, a writing analysis software.

NOT Messe Niederlande: Der SchreibCoach im Einsatz

Henk Schweitzer presented more than 30 interested educators respectively the main principles of the Schreibmotorik Institut in a daily lecture. He explained the Writing Motor Skills System according to Dr. Marquardt and the Schreibmotorik Institut and featured the basics of writing acquisition with the help of numerous photos and videos.


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