Zeitschrift GrundschuleMarch 2015

Articles by Schreibmotorik Institut experts in the magazine “Grundschule“ (i.e. Primary school)

The magazine “Grundschule“ published by Westermann editorial deals in its March issue with the topic “Handwriting – a phase-out model?”. The scientific advisory committee members Dr. Christian Marquardt and Karl Söhl each wrote an article on that. Institute director Dr.-Ing. Marianela Diaz Meyer speaks in an interview about the goals of the Schreibmotorik Institut. The Schreibmotorik Institut contributed in a decisive way to de development of the issue.

It's all about the movement– an article by Dr. Christian Marquardt

Difficulties with the acquisition of handwriting from time to time fuel the discussion of the perfect script. And yet the focus should be somewhere else: The method with which our children learn how to write is much more important, says our author.

The glimpse into the deep – an article by Karl Söhl

Computer aided, in-depth analysis of writing show difficulties while learning to write and help to solve them. It is important to heed preliminary findings of research dealing with writing motor skills.

With science behind the back – an interview with Dr.-Ing. Marianela Diaz Meyer

The Schreibmotorik Institut in Heroldsberg researches how children learn to write effectively. It asks for the debate to concentrate on the fashion of learning to write rather than on the type of script.

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