1. Vorstand Sebastian Schwanhäußer im Interview mit N24January 2015

1st executive director Sebastian Schwanhäußer gives N24 an interview

Video by the news broadcaster N24: Many prefer phones, tablets or laptop keyboards instead of writing by hand. And yet studies show that a well developed handwriting is important for learning itself.

The video ist not available anymore: Schreiben tut dem Denken gut – eigene Handschrift verliert an Bedeutung (i.e. Writing is good for thinking– handwriting becomes less important) (Video in German)

Summary: The German Teacher's Association laments that more and more children and young people prefer keyboards rather than handwriting. A real development of one's own handwriting is therefore scarce. And yet studies show that good handwriting is important for learning. Sebastian Schwanhäußer: „We all still remember this from cheat sheets, once you have a written note, you penetrate the content in a better way and the brain is more animated“

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