derabend swr1 teaser3 November 2014

“I write, therefore I am!” – Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer and Dr. Christian Marquardt gave an interview on the radio

The 30-minute radio show "SWR1 Der Abend (The evening)" from November 3rd 2014 was all about writing. Institute director Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer and the scientific advisory committee member Dr. Christian Marquardt explained as experts important issues in this interview concerning the topic. For example: Why is it important to learn to write by hand? What impacts does handwriting have on body and brain? And with which methods is it investigated?

Summary – important statements from the interview:

  • “Handwriting supports communication in general and is very important for child development.”
  • “In our research we focus on motor skills. We don't think that a fine handwriting results from early and frequent practising but from learning motor skills. Those skills allow us to write in a fine way and to spell words correctly later on.”
  • “Handwriting is a lot more then pure entering of information: it activates our brain in so many different ways.”
  • “In a study we found out that children's motor skill potential is not as bad as we feared. The problem is that many children don't know how to use their skills when learning to write.”

The radio report „Ich schreibe also bin ich!" – Warum Schreiben so wichtig ist (i.e."I write, therefore I am" – the reason why writing is so important) can be listened to at SWR (in German)

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