kinderfreunde teaser18 october 2013

Further Training by the Schreibmotorik Institut for Educators of the Kinderfreunde Wien (Friends of Children, Vienna)

The Schreibmotorik Institut visits STABILO Austria's new rooms.

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Six educators from the Kinderfreunde Wien, a local group of the Austrian association which supports the cause of children and families, and two STABILO sales employees together got to know the “Schreibmotorik System nach Dr. Christina Marquardt und Schreibmotorik Institut” (Writing Motor Skills System according to Dr. Marquardt and the Schreibmotorik Institut). Daniela Westner, director of the Schreibmotorik Institut and Monica King, authorised trainer of the Schreibmotorik Institut for Germany and Austria were the speakers at the one-day event.

Kinderfreunde Wien

It was all about practical exercises to improve motor skills. The participants guided colored pencils on a paper race track. The goal: stay on track, have fun and at the same time improve motor skills. Such playful exercises to enhance the sweep can be easily integrated in the educator's everyday working life.

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Kinderfreunde Wien (in German)

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