Mirja Herz



Mirja Herz, Project Coordination

Mirja Herz (diploma in business, Dipl. Kauffrau) worked as an assistant to the management in the field of healthcare for many years. Since 2016 she is project coordinator at the Schreibmotorik Institut and responsible for the event management (International Symposium on Handwriting Skills and appearances at educational fairs) as well as the coordination of practice projects of the Handwriting 2020 campaign. She is also responsible for the administrative processes within the institute.

Manuela Schneider






Manuela Schneider, Research Associate

Manuela Schneider (diploma in social economy, Dipl. Sozialwirtin) has been a research associate at the Schreibmotorik Institut since 2015. She has many years of professional experience in educational research, in particular in the field of literacy of adolescents and adults, and in the implementation of third-party funded projects (including the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Work and Social Affairs). The focus of her work is the evaluation of concepts and methods that support writing (for example, evaluation of an intervention study among elementary school students, validity testing of the SMI CompetenceWeb – a diagnostic tool for determining writing skills).

Sabrina Regner




Sabrina Regner, Research Associate

Sabrina Regner (M.A. andragogy and further education, M.A. Erwachsenenbildung und Weiterbildung) has been active as a research assistant at the Schreibmotorik Institut since November 2018. Previously she was a coordinator and a lecturer of seminars and advanced trainings for media pedagogy, health education and university projects. Furthermore she had worked for different institutions in the fields of learning- and education projects and in the area of competence and education management. She is responsible for the planning and implementation for a variety of projects and actions.


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