Writing analysis tool: WritingCoach®h teaserWriting analysis tool: WritingCoach®

The WritingCoach® is a unique analysis software which records a writer’s individual motion sequence. An individual report is generated based on the results of just five minutes of test measurements. The writer’s performance is analysed on the basis of writing frequency, writing flow, writing pressure and basic hand and finger writing movements. Each subject gets to know to which one of the five characteristic writing types he or she belongs and receives specific advice and exercises.

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The WritingCoach® makes it possible to identify and address potential and deficits concerning writing skills and thus encourage children early on when they are learning to write. Development progress can of course also be checked and monitored, for example at the start and end of a school year.

The WritingCoach® is suitable for:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Nurseries and kindergartens
  • Stationery traders
  • Other institutions involved in the learning to write process or writing problems, etc.

Which equipment is necessary for the application of the WritingCoach®?

The acquired software is installed on a computer or laptop and works in combination with a graphic tablet and a special pen.

How do the WritingCoach® software measurements work?

The subject puts a normal sheet of paper on the tablet and conducts a short writing exercise (duration: maximum five minutes). Meanwhile, all relevant data is being recorded and instantly evaluated.



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