SMI KompetenzSpinneWriting analysis tool: SMI CompetenceWeb

The SMI CompetenceWeb (ger.: SMI KompetenzSpinne; Marquardt & Söhl, 2015; 2018) is a new, scientifically substantiated diagnostic instrument for determining basic writing motor skills in children between the ages of four and seven. It takes into consideration six competence areas: body posture, sitting posture and pen hold; basic motor skills and pen use; writing motor skills; sensomotoric perception; visual perception and motor behaviour.

Writing analysis tool: WritingCoach®h teaserWriting analysis tool: WritingCoach®

The WritingCoach® is a unique analysis software which records a writer’s individual motion sequence. An individual report is generated based on the results of just five minutes of test measurements. The writer’s performance is analysed on the basis of writing frequency, writing flow, writing pressure and basic hand and finger writing movements. Each subject gets to know to which one of the five characteristic writing types he or she belongs and receives specific advice and exercises.

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