Press Releases

Oktober 2019
Bilanz des 3.  International Symposium on Handwriting Skills 2019: Handschreiben muss besser gefördert werden! (in German)
Wie sich das Handschreiben breit fördern lässt: Internationales Symposium diskutiert aktuelle Befundeund praktische Erfahrungen (in German)

September 2019
Presseeinladung „Ist Handschreiben in der Schule verzichtbar? Wissenschaftler und Schulpraktiker diskutieren aktuelle Befunde“ (in German)

April 2019
Press conference on the STEP 2019 study results
Press release: More time for handwriting!
Detailed results of the STEP 2019 survey (in German)
Download press foto: Institute director Dr.-Ing. Marianela Diaz Meyer with Logo
Download press foto: Institute director Dr.-Ing. Marianela Diaz Meyer

January 2019
Handwriting Day: The Schreibmotorik Institut launches project for schools

November 2018
What’s the deal with handwriting? VBE and Schreibmotorik Institut ask teachers

January 2018
Handwriting Day: scientist demonstrates effective early promotion of writing motor skills

November 2017
Handwriting remains – even in the digital age. But…

October 2017
Most children start writing their name at the age of four

August 2017
Handwriting 2020” campaign: State Secretary Stefan Müller pledges political support

June 2017
Handwriting in the age of digitalisation – an international Symposium addresses the latest developments

May 2017
The ‘Scribble Mentors’ programme kicks off at PUMA

January 2017
Handwriting Day: improving the promotion of handwriting

February 2016 Press conference at Didacta
„Handwriting 2020“ campaign by the Schreibmotorik Institut and Didacta Association has begun
Detailed results of the parent survey 2016 conducted by The Schreibmotorik Institut and the Bundeselternrat [German Federal Parents Council] (German)

August 2015
Combating increasing problems with handwriting: teachers from Hesse want pupils to train their motor skills more effectively
Combating increasing problems with handwriting: teachers from North Rhine-Westphalia want pupils to train their motor skills more effectively

April 2015 Federal Press Conference
Press release: Survey of teachers clearly shows: problems with handwriting at school are increasing
Detailed survey results: Problems in handwriting development
Questionnaires: primary school teachers and secondary school teachers (in German)
Press area: Image service of the Schreibmotorik Institut

January 2015
National Handwriting Day: Teachers lament over pupils not able to write properly

November 2014
Motor skills prior to shape

April 2014
10 reasons to write by hand

February 2014
Expert Meeting: International dialogue with scientists and specialists from the fields of education, health care and sports

January 2014
The Schreibmotorik Institut in a nutshell

November 2013
Is handwriting on the brink of extinction? Experts demand better encouragement

Interview with Dr. Christian Marquardt: “Understanding how writing works”

February 2013
Foundation of the Schreibmotorik Institut



Press Releases of other Institutions

June 2012
Pilot project PH Vienna: “Learning to write the pain-free way”

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