Urkunde für Kinder, die am Projekt Kritzelpate teilnehmen, Foto: Tina Umlauf14 March 2018

Introducing pre-school children to writing in a playful way – 450 scribble hours passed as part of the “scribble mentor” project

Employees from various companies visit kindergartens to volunteer as scribble mentors and join preschool children in experimenting with pen and paper. Pre-school children are already benefiting from individual support in the form of more than 450 scribble hours nationwide. They are therefore well prepared to embark on the adventure of learning to write. Further kindergarten visits are planned.

Urkunde für Kinder, die am Projekt Kritzelpate teilnehmen, Foto: Tina UmlaufThe “scribble mentor” project initiated by the Schreibmotorik Institut is part of the “Handwriting 2020” campaign that was launched in cooperation with the Didacta Association. It is directed at companies which, within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, wish to get involved and support kindergarten children in taking their first steps into the world of writing, either individually or in a team. The Schreibmotorik Institut provides extensive and inspirational exercise materials for this.

There are various ways of taking part in scribble mentoring: one-time or regular visits to one or more kindergartens in the area, or action days where companies can invite larger groups of kindergarten children.

Most scribble mentors have so far been active in Bavaria, especially in the Nuremberg area and Ingolstadt. However, children in Cologne and Röbel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have also been able to play finger games, colour scrunched up pieces of paper, scribble, crosshatch and draw lines with their scribble mentors, thus improving, almost by accident, their hand’s motor skills – important preparation for when later learning to write at school.


Scribble Mentor – a “Handwriting 2020” campaign project

Become a scribble mentor: information flyer (in German)

“Handwriting 2020” campaign

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