Bildungsmesse didacta; Foto: Schreibmotorik Institut20 TO 24 February 2018

The Schreibmotorik Institut presented the SMI CompetenceWeb at “didacta” 2018

At this year’s “didacta” education trade fair, the Schreibmotorik Institut team showed educators and teachers how to assess handwriting ability easily, reliably and based upon skill using the SMI CompetenceWeb. The Schreibmotorik Institut advisory service was very well received by visitors.

Bildungsmesse didacta; Foto: Schreibmotorik Institut“didacta” is Europe’s largest education trade fair. In Hannover, 73,000 visitors gleaned information on the topics of “Early education”, “School/secondary school” and “Vocational training/qualifications” from 840 exhibitors from over 30 countries. There was also a “didacta DIGITAL” exhibition area and a framework programme including over 1,500 events.

The Schreibmotorik Institut booth was very well attended this year. Numerous educators and teachers were very interested in preventing possible problems with handwriting and finding possible solutions for existing problems. How skilled are my pre-school children and/or the children in my handwriting class? A very important question, but also a difficult one. The motor skills of children who are learning to write are very disparate. Taking this into account and teaching all children efficient, flowing, legible and fatigue-free handwriting is a big challenge. The SMI CompetenceWeb will help you with this.

Assessment instrument especially for pre-school and primary school

Bildungsmesse didacta; Foto: Schreibmotorik InstitutThis easy-to-use screening process covers all central aspects of learning to write and can be easily integrated into lessons – unlike previous instruments for assessing school starters’ writing abilities, which either covered general motor skills or only individual aspects, and were often also very complex, expensive and more suited to a clinical setting.

The SMI CompetenceWeb was very well received by visitors. The Schreibmotorik Institut team answered many content-related questions and the first copies of this quick and easy analytic instrument were sold right there and then.

The SMI CompetenceWeb is now available to download as a PDF.

“didacta” education trade fair 2018

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