Malende Kinder, StabiloSeptember 2017

It’s all about motor skills: article by Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer in the journal “Die Grundschule”

Legible handwriting and a pleasant writing experience are based on coordinated hand and finger movements. Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer’s article addresses the issue of the motor problems identified by teachers in a nationwide teachers’ survey in 2015 and the need for urgent action to support children as early as at pre-school age in motor learning. .

Malende Kinder, StabiloChildren at kindergarten gather elementary experience with pen and paper during their time there. If bad habits become established during this time, it is difficult to change them. Nursery school teachers can practise the necessary basic movements for learning to write with the children in a playful and targeted manner. The idea is for the children to train their finger mobility, wrist mobility and the combination of these two movements by painting, scribbling and motive exercises. Learning to write at a later stage is then much easier.

September 2017 issue of the journal “Die Grundschule”

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