Pixabay4 March 2017

Nürnberger Nachrichten: Handlettering as a trend to counter computer fonts

Even children are more and more often typing on keyboards or mobile phones, adults rarely write by hand anymore and Finland is abolishing cursive writing: the media often pose the question of whether handwriting is still at all appropriate. As a writing motor skills expert and popular interview partner, Dr. Christian Marquardt emphasises again and again that handwriting activates important areas of the brain. Studies confirm that notes written by hand are easier to remember.

PixabayIn addition to these advantages, handwriting has yet another: it can look very beautiful. In a time in which handmade has become fashionable again, you also see a good deal of pretty, hand-crafted lettering: on menus, jumpers, posters and gym bags. Handlettering is in. Local newspaper the Nürnberger Nachrichten even called upon its readers to practice their own creative lettering, with a chance to win books on the subject.

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