Zeitschrift SchuleAktiv!22 May 2015

Promoting handwriting: Schreibmotorik Institut article in the magazine „SchuleAktiv!“ (i.e. School active)

The Article by the Scientific Advisory Committee Members Dr. Christian Marquardt and Karl Söhl and institute director Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer addresses writing motor skills in detail.


Zeitschrift SchuleAktiv!

Studies prove it: handwriting leads to more success in learning. But does beautiful writing equal good writing? Experts agree that sticking to the predefined form doesn't really help. On the contrary, writing is learning to move. It is therefore of great importance for children to learn good and efficient writing motor skills right from the start. The article also offers practical tips to improve motor skills with just a little practice.

The magazine “SchuleAktiv!” – for teachers in Austrian schools is published quarterly and has a circulation of 20.000 copies.

Issue 2/2015 of the magazine„SchuleAktiv!“


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