Dr. Christian Marquardt10 February 2015

How handwriting affects our brain – Interview with Dr. Christian Marquardt in the Austrian Newspaper Wiener Zeitung

A detailed interview with Dr. Christian Marquardt on the importance of handwriting, motoric learning and experimenting with letters and script.

Schreiben lernen: Was die Handschrift im Gehirn bewirkt (i.e. Learning to write: How handwriting affects our brain)

Summary: Finland wants to abolish cursive handwriting from the curriculum. The interview deals with the question what we loose if we push handwriting to the brink of extinction. Dr. Christian Marquardt: “Handwriting is a cultural asset with a long tradition. It plays an important role for reading and writing acquisition. Writing by hand improves memory performance and raises imagination. The creative achievement while writing by hand is better than while typing on phones, tablets or keyboards.”

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