Dr. Christian Marquardt27 May 2014

Learning How to Write in the Digital Era: Interview with Dr. Christian Marquardt on Deutschlandradio

Dr. Christian Marquardt, expert for handwriting and scientific advisor for motor skills at the Schreibmotorik Institut explains in an interview on Deutschlandradio how children learn to write nowadays.

Dr. Christian Marquardt“Of course there have been problems for quite a while in schools with children who don't really learn how to write,” says Marquardt, “the discussions in the last years have especially revolved around writing, legibility. And the field of graphomotor skills, that is what the hand actually does while writing, this topic was never covered in a structured way in those discussions.”

The Schreibmotorik Institut concentrates on dealing with this neglected topic: with scientific research, further training, information events, lectures, symposiums, workshops and the development of products (Lettering Pioneer’s Box, WritingCoach®), which support educators and teachers in their daily work life and allow children a good start into the world of letters.


 Deutschlandradio: Von der Schönschrift zur Sauklaue (i.e. From one's best handwriting to scrawl) – the interview in text and audio

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