Master's theses at the Schreibmotorik Institut

Are you searching for a topic for your thesis? Would you like to gain an insight into research practice?

The Schreibmotorik Institut is offering students (incl. students of education, psychology, occupational therapy, sociology, ergonomics) the opportunity to write a practice-focused thesis on a current research topic under competent supervision.

What we offer:
• an interdisciplinary research approach
• hands-on experience at a non-university research institute
• knowledge of writing by hand and literacy acquisition
• competent supervision
• support in structuring your thesis
• an insight into the principles of kinematic writing analysis
• if appropriate, an introduction to relevant kinematic writing analysis software

Possible topics include:
• literacy acquisition
• the acquisition of writing motor skills
• pen and body posture while writing
• characteristics of different groups of writers (e.g. writing novices, experienced writers, migrants, functional illiterates)
• handwriting and spelling
• handwriting and digitization

Possible tasks:
• quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of research data
• literature-based research
• development and testing of pedagogical concepts and methods
  (e.g. the transfer of therapeutic approaches to pedagogical practice
• implementation and analysis of e.g. interviews and surveys

The following thesis topics are currently available:

Analysis of experienced writers’ characteristics using the Schreibmotorik database
The Schreibmotorik Institut is currently forming a database of written tests that allows writers from different groups (e.g. writing novices, experienced writers) to be analysed kinematically and in regard to a variety of questions. The aim of the master thesis is to research the writing features of experienced writers (e.g. which letter combinations are typically written together and which are written separately?).

Analysis of writing novices’ pen holding
The main topic of this Master's thesis is to find out if certain pen holdings lead to better writing performance than others.

Left-handedness and learning to write 
As part of the Master's thesis, the writing process is to be examined specifically by left-handed writers. Reference should be made to different writing systems in order to be able to make meaningful deductions for the practice.


You may certainly also contact us with any of your own topic suggestions that you think would be suited to our institute’s research orientation!

If we have aroused your interest, we look forward to receiving your detailed application via:

Dr. Marianela Diaz Meyer, Institute Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Current Master's thesis

Influencing factors of the pencil grip and their impact on the writing process. Basis for diagnosis, indications for therapy and differentiated selection of evidence-based therapeutic interventions (Master’s thesis)

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