SMARTjunior und Monster ZooSMARTjunior and Monster Zoo – a digital educational game for learning to write

Together with occupational therapists and writing motor skills experts, STABILO has developed a digital educational game and an ergonomic tablet pen that are specially designed to promote the motor skills of pre-school children as the basis for successfully learning how to write in a fun way.

SMARTjunior and Monster Zoo

This learning environment has been specially tailored to the needs of 4 to 6 year olds. Pre-school children are digital natives who know how to use new media and enjoy intuitive interaction with tablets and smartphones. The development of writing motor skills can be encouraged through play: the newly developed educational game app Monster Zoo combines fun and the process of learning to write. The specially shaped, soft grip zone of the SMARTjunior offers children a relaxed pen grip while playing.

Playful learning and step by step towards handwriting

SMARTjunior and Monster ZooUsing the Monster Zoo educational app, children can travel the world of this magic zoo, helping magician Oli Orakulos to free the zoo of chaos and make its residents happier by drawing arcs, garlands and lines.

Monster Zoo is intended to inspire the child’s fantasy and lay the foundations for pleasure in writing and learning to write at school. A feedback system of stars, dots and encouraging words when more effort is needed are all important parts of this game.

Scientifically valid

The Monster Zoo educational game app is based upon the current scientific findings of writing motor skills research. It concentrates upon the process of learning to write and the associated movements and basic shapes.

Certified by the Schreibmotorik Institut

SMARTjunior and the Monster Zoo app are highly recommended by the Schreibmotorik Institut for the systematic promotion of writing motor skills. Monster Zoo is certified by the Schreibmotorik Institut with regard to writing motor skills and pedagogical criteria; SMARTjunior for ergonomics. The tablet pen encourages the correct pen grip for beginners from the very beginning.


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