Handwriting 2020 campaign

Handwriting 2020 Campaign: Too many children have problems with handwriting - Allicance supports the promotion of handwriting

Recent surveys by the Schreibmotorik Institut have shown that most parents and teachers consider handwriting to be important, even in this digital age. However, an alarming number of children have problems with handwriting. The “Handwriting 2020” campaign aims to improve this situation. There is to be an extensive programme to this end.

Handwriting 2020 campaignEach child should have the chance to develop flowing, legible handwriting. This was decided at the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in 2005. Handwriting remains an important educational basis, despite digitalisation. However, in Germany more than 1.2 million children between six and twelve years of age have problems with it. And the inclusion and integration of children with an immigrant background means improved promotion in this area is necessary. This is why the “Handwriting 2020” campaign has the following aims:

  • to intensify the research of handwriting and put this into practice, including the development of the possibilities for combining digital learning with the promotion of writing motor skills;

  • to embed the topic of graphomotor skills at universities through e.g. a corresponding professorship that integrates findings from the worlds of neuroscience, pedagogy, educational research, ergonomics and sports science;

  • to ensure the results of handwriting research are incorporated into teacher training and emphasised in further training courses;

  • to establish an extensive programme for promoting handwriting in childcare centres and schools;

  • to comprehensively inform parents about scientifically proven methods of improving graphomotor skills.

Logo AktionHandschreiben pngWould you like to support us? We would be very happy to have you on our side!

The “Handwriting 2020” campaign alliance is an open amalgamation that gladly welcomes new partners. Please get in touch and let us know how you would like to support the “Handwriting 2020” campaign. We will be happy to inform you of the possibilities now available for the improved promotion of graphomotor skills in childcare centres and schools – even without any special resources.



Press release „Handwriting 2020“ campaign


*Founding members are the Didacta Association of the German Education Industry, who represent more than 250 companies and organisations both nationally and internationally and actively participate in debates on the development of educational systems, together with the non-profit Schreibmotorik Institut..


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