Scribble Mentor – a “Handwriting 2020” campaign project

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Become a scribble mentor and support kindergarten children in taking their first steps into the world of handwriting, either individually or in a team. The aim is to generate enjoyment and fun with pen and paper. The Scribble Mentor project provides playful and motivating exercise materials for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

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Feature on a scribble mentor on the TV programme Frankenschau

Handwriting 2020 campaign

Too many children have problems with handwriting: alliance supports the promotion of handwriting

Aktion Handschreiben 2020: problematische Schrift

Recent surveys by the Schreibmotorik Institut have shown that most parents and teachers consider handwriting to be important, even in this digital age. However, an alarming number of children have problems with handwriting. The “Handwriting 2020” campaign aims to improve this situation. There is to be an extensive programme to this end.

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IMPROVING Writing lessons


For most children, writing their first word is a source of pride. So how does this first word actually look? It doesn’t really matter. However, teachers attach much more importance to style and legibility. As a result, primary school pupils spend a long time practising to write letter after letter of neat writing in the right size and on a straight line. The fact that primary school pupils’ motor skills develop at a very different rate is often neglected. This is where we come in.

  • We examine the movements involved in writing with scientific research.

  • Problems with writing mainly stem from poor motor skills.

  • Our objective – flowing, efficient and legible handwriting, without tiring.

  • We make our findings available to interested educators, teachers and schools.

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